Sunday, 15 October 2017


After 14 hours I arrived in Santiago.  I was issued a permit and then proceeded through a system of baggage X-ray and sniffer dogs before exiting into a chaotic line of taxi touts and men holding placards looking for people like me who had pre-arranged a hotel pick-up.  Hardly anyone speaks english.
The drive was easy being a Sunday on the excellent road with weekend traffic.  We passed shanti-towns and areas that seem to be at a stage of preparation for building. As we reached Santiago I could see the high rise modern buildings, many glass.  I was surprised to see some of them as tall as they are as this is an area of Volcanic activity. I was told last week there were nine quakes in Chile.
We arrived to find the Santiago 15K marathon was on and huge screens displayed the event from a drone. Cheers and music celebrated winnings and TV cameras whirred. There even seems to be a Boris bike system here. Massage tents provided runner with relief or further pain and there were rows upon rows of portable toilets. Taking pictures from the hotel was very difficult as no windows opened and there was a constant reflection hence the distorted views but I had to record the view.



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