Sunday, 25 June 2017

An evening stroll in Kitzbühel

Kitzbuhel after the rain

Heavy rain meant umbrellas were the order of the day.  However, it cleared up after 13:00 and it was good to get up the mountain.


The Herz Jesu celebrations

The Herz Jesu celebrations are specific to Tyrol. In 1796 the region was threatened with invasion by French troops under Napoleon. As thousands of Tyrolean volunteers organized local militias to defend their homeland representatives formed a parliament and decided to dedicate Tyrol to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Today people gathered in the church in their traditional costume and there was to be a parade round the town but unfortunately heavy rain changed this and people were seen to gather in some of the hotels for refreshment.
The lighting of bonfires last night was also part of this celebration and the bonfires, crosses, and other symbols that mark the festival take weeks of preparation and planning.


Saturday, 24 June 2017

Kitzbühel Austria - Solstice celebrations

Kitzbühel is a small Alpine town east of Innsbruck, in the western Austrian province of Tyrol. It's a fashionable winter resort known for the annual Hahnenkamm downhill race.  Tonight, a special solstice celebration took place despite  thunderstorms across the region.  The Gondola service is run until midnight enabling people to get to the top of the Hahnenkamm  to see the panoramic view of burning bonfires.  Towns and villages throughout theTirol partake in this tradition which dates back to the Middle Ages.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Rydal Hall Cumbria

Rydal Hall is a Grade II listed house on the outskirts of the village of Rydal in the Lake District and located on the "Coffin Route" footpath, which leads to Grasmere and Ambleside.   It has an early nineteenth-century front facade. The house used to be owned by the Le Fleming family, but now is under the ownership of the Diocese of Carlisle. The house is now used for retreats, conferences, courses and holidays near Rydal Water. "The Grot" at Rydal Falls is described in William Wordsworth’s early poem, ‘An Evening Walk’. The waterfall is featured in the last photo.