Saturday, 13 April 2019

Architecture - Nottingham University Campus

The Jubilee Campus is a modern purpose-built campus which now extends to 65 acres and is located only one mile from University Park.  This was an amazing place to visit and take photographs at a workshop organised by the Royal Photographic Society and lead by Martine Hamilton Knight DLitt (hons) ARPS a specialist in architectural photography. A superb day and excellent tutor.

Built on a site that previously had industrial use, Jubilee Campus is an exemplar of brownfield regeneration and has impeccable green credentials.  An important feature of the campus is the series of lakes which, as well as being home to a variety of wildlife, provide storm water attenuation and cooling for the buildings

  • Less visible - but equally important to the sustainable and environmental credentials of the campus – are the:
  • roofs covered by low-growing alpine plants which help insulate and maintain steady temperatures within the buildings throughout the year
  • heat recovery mechanical ventilation systems
  • lighting sensors to reduce energy consumption
  • photovoltaic cells integrated into the atrium roofs
  • lake source heating and cooling systems
  • biomass boiler installation
  • maximised use of passive ventilation engineering

Building took place 1999 - 2019 Sir Michael Hopkins and Kenshutterworh and Sir Colin Campbells contributed to the wealth of building design. 
The Research Acceleration and Demonstration (RAD) building is a brand new £5.4m research facility being developed at the University of Nottingham, in conjunction with the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) initiative. The RAD building will be one of the most energy efficient research facilities in the UK as it will combine the rigorous sustainability standards of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) with the principles of the German Passivhaus system. Inside this building was a wall of vegetation that was a real challenge to photograph. 


Interior Designs

Friday, 1 February 2019


It snowed all day and made for a lovely setting.  A walk to Gamla Stan from the waterfront in the snow was a must for the first day.