Saturday, 31 January 2015

Norwegian sunrise

Sunrise happened so quickly and the rosy glow quickly spread across the Fjord.  My important lesson was choose your spot and get into position with settings and lens at the ready.  It was a short night after photographing the Aurora Borealis and we waited at the edge of the fjord for sunrise.  I know it was cold as I slipped on a rock when wading in the water, but the only part of me that really got wet was my hands and light gloves!  My investment in Nordic Life clothing was put to the test. (Thank you Rhodri for all that guidance!)   I have to say I have never felt cold here!

Nusfjord Fishing village

Nusfjord village was obviously a popular tourist attraction in summer months but the day we visited no one was about.

Aurora Borealis over Haukland Beach, Lofoten Islands, Norway

 ...... and then the moon shone.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A snowy day

On 29th January it started to snow heavily in the afternoon and everyone decided to stay in the hotel but Ann and I had other ideas! It was time for a walk with the camera.  We set off just as some of the children were coming home on their skis. The snow ploughs were out in force and the traffic moved slowly stopping at every pedestrian crossing as we approached, all the crossings were covered in snow and ice.  We felt obliged to cross when traffic stopped at junctions,  little did the drivers know we weren't sure which way to go.  Ann has a build in Satnav and is wonderful at navigation, unlike me who just has to go in the wrong direction, I am sure it is part of my genetic makeup! It was difficult to see the hidden paths and we really did not want to walk on a dual-carriage way.  The horse racing track had been visible from the van on our return from the morning shoot and we thought it would be fun to reach the track! We ended up walking in a circuit via a lake, passing homesteads, barns and farms. Wearing ice-spikes were a-must and a brilliant way to stay vertical.   It felt wonderful being out in the snow.