Thursday, 27 July 2017

1 Canada Square January 2017

Ann and I went to London early January visiting Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Canada Square where there was an interactive light show. I came across these pictures today when looking back through picture to see if any were worth spending time developing for a prospective LRPS  panel.  The sequence illustrated the fun we had having our images scanned projected onto a screen before reducing us to light-dust.



Thursday, 13 July 2017

In-flight speed photography Clearwing Moths

12th July 2017

Ann and I joined Richard Revels to learn about in-flight speed photography.  Richard had offered to share his knowledge to help raise monies for a cancer charity and Ann and I had won this experience at club auction. Richard's enthusiasm was wonderful and the time in the meadow flew by. Richard generously shared his  six-flash guns set-bp and back drop, cleverly held in place with a fishing pole. Once everything was set up, a pheromone lure was used to attract the male species of  clearwing moth. Here are some of my first attempts at speed inflight photograph