Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Les Vardes Quarry - Ronez

The Ronez operation supply the Cannel Islands with aggregates, ready mixed concert, asphalt and precast concrete products.  From a  point at the top of quarry one can look down into the quarry and observe the work in progress. One can see drilling in preparation for blasting, removing blasted rocks to different parts of the plant for crushing and the moving of different grades of materials being transported round the site.  It is almost like watching toy-town with the little trucks working in sequence driving up and down the tracks.  Men dressed in orange safety suits added to the stage-set.  Looking out across the quarry one can see the sea and the quarry appears well below sea-level. There is a nature reserve around the upper level of the quarry and we met a group of bird watchers peering through telescopes to observe a Perigean on the rock face. My lens did not have enough reach to get a decent shot.

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