Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A trip to Holland for New Year

Arrived to find lots of snow

BLU 2 fishing vessel - so this is why the fish is so fresh
I sat next to a woman on an early flight who told me she had been a Witch for many years and had renounced the order to become a Christian. The flight was 40 minutes and long enough to hear about Witches especially as  I had recently seen Arthur Miller's  play, The Crucible.  As we approached Eindhoven the ground was covered in snow and with the blue sky it looked fresh.  I was meet by my dear friend Marianne and we drove to an amazing fish restaurant for lunch.  The owner is partaking in a food festival in October 2015 as are many Michelin Star chefs promoting the local food of Zeeland.
BLU 2 Fish restaurant
why not choose your fish it is so fresh

A wonderful find for an amazing lunch

On the way to Renesse Zeeland and the snow had almost gone

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sheriffhales Parish Church

Sheriffhales Parish church

Sheriffhales Parish church

Sheriffhales Parish church

Sheriffhales Parish church
Sheriffhales Parish church dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin was added to in 1661, a stone was taken from Lilleshall Abbey, a religious house of great reputation in the 13 Century. I have yet to discover more from a friend who has taken over the publication of the parish magazine.  Sheriffhales is a charming village steeped in history and atmosphere. At night there is not a single street light.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

St. Chads church Shrewsbury

The round church St. Chad's always decked with festive trees at Christmas
A Georgian design but not in the traditional sense

The Old St. Chad’s church dedicated to St. Chad, the first Bishop of Mercia 7th Century collapsed in 1788 as predicted by Thomas Telford, the industrial engineer. It was rebuilt on a new site on the derelict town wall by the Scottish architect George Stueart, who also designed Attingham Park one of my favourite places to go in Shropshire. 
Stueart submitted various designs, and although the Parochial Church Council preferred a rectangular one, 'due to a misunderstanding’ he actually completed a circular plan that had been considered but rejected. Stones from old St Chad’s were used as foundations and the foundation stone was laid on St Chad’s Day, 2 March 1790. Classical Ionic, Doric and Corinthian architectural styles contrast with designs influenced by the industrial revolution.  A sweeping double staircase in the entrance and delicate banisters and slender pillars supporting a gallery resemble the type of design that maybe found in a country house in this period.
 Charles Darwin was baptized in this church 15 November 1809.
I took these picture with a Samyang 1.2 - 14mm lens and after using the Canon L series find ithe results disappointing. I am yet to find out if it is me or the lens!

Boxing Day South Shropshire Hunt

Leaving the Red Lion Longdon Common 
Byan Ferry's son, Otis Ferry, master of the South Shropshire Hunt gave praise to the emergency air-ambulance and fire services for freeing his youngest brother Merlin who was critically injured after a head on crash on the A458 near Cressage, Shropshire before sounding the bugle at the start of the hunt. It was a crisp overcast morning and snow fell a few hours later. 

Time to go

Meaningful conversations
A morning trot

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Shrewsbury Christmas

Castle Gates

Castle Gates

Fish Street leading into Butchers Row
Castle Street

Shrewsbury Station built 1840

Barrack's Passage 
Texting Father Christmas?

The Market Square

Saturday, 20 December 2014

WWT Sunset

Welney WWT sunset

Evening light and it was cold
Flying back to Roost

G & T time

Friday, 19 December 2014

Welney, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust WWT

5 months old
Whooper Swan
Mute Swan
Not everyone flies Ryanair!
A Whooper Swan similar to the Berwick swan but it is bigger and the Berwick 

Whooper Swan amongst the Pochard ducks
It takes a good eye to tell the difference between the Bewick swans and the Whooper swans. Bewicks are smaller and their black beaks sport a small yellow blob, rather than the Whooper's extended yellow wedge. I have discovered that  these yellow and black beak patterns have been extensively studied and illustrated over the years and are unique to each swan.   I am no expert on Swans and may have incorrectly identified them.  I am sure someone will let me know and that would be great!