Monday, 16 October 2017

A city walk in Santiago

We decided a walking tour using the GPS City Walk app first taking a lefty car downtown. As I left the hotel the concierge told to put my camera away and be careful. This happened again in "pick pocket" Plaza de Armas square when a well dressed man came up to me and told me to be careful. We did not see another person with an SLR however as for iPhones and iPads - yes plenty of those.  It was Monday so the Galleries and Museums were closed as they are in Europe.  The Fine Art Gallery had been covered with graffiti and several men dressed in overalls were busy painting over it.  Now being aware that I must be careful I took "holiday snaps" only to find all sorts of happenings when I came to download the pictures. I did not purposely photography some of these going ons. "A young person was examining the genitalia of a horse statue".  I certainly did not risk waiting for someone to walk by graffiti as is done in Brick Lane I stood out for sure being taller than most and with blond hair, not a chance I could blend in. I did see a sign asking for information for a missing man. There must be a story there.  The Santiago Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral in Plaza de Armas is the seat of the current Ricardo Ezzati Andrello and the centre of the archdiocese of Santiao de Chile. `previous cathedrals have been destroyed by earthquakes. The neoclassical construction was the design of the Italian architect Joaquin Toesca.   


electricity cables are very prominent


  1. Great set Jane. Love the architectural pics. Stay safe.

  2. What fabulous graffiti. great collection of pictures