Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Snaefellnes Iceland

Tuesday 7th  February 2017

The weather forecast was not good in the morning and we were subjected to 100 mph winds preventing us from venturing out until after lunch so it was a digital session indoors. When we did go our the wind and rain persisted and we got very wet, it was certainly a test for clothing and some of the group believing their clothes to be water proof soon found out when they had to ring out their sodden jackets.  We photographed  the small waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss in the shadow of Kirkujfell Mountain  "church mountain"  on the north coast of the  Snaefellsnes peninsula near the fishing town of Grundarfjorour. The Kirkjufellsfoss is supplied by water from the river Kirkjuffsa  from the Helgrindur ridge.   A folktale of this region recalls the death of two boys who drowned when fishing in the waterfall. Their mother put a curse on the waterfall that no fish would ever be caught again and no-one would ever drown but neither has been upheld. 

The next stop after a good lunch of soup and salads at Grundarfjorour was a nearby beach with aggressive waves and a desolated farm building we continued to get even more wet! The plan was to photograph the sunset on Djupalonssandur Beach. We were warned of the dangers of the beach and the possibility of being cut off by the sea from either side of the beach. The  waves were high and there were times when we had to shelter from the rain under the rocks. We were all truly soaked by the end of the day.

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