Wednesday, 6 July 2016

In search of Meadow flowers and landscapes

At 09:00 we set off from Wengen to Männlichen via the cable car and then on to Grund in a gondalier cabin after photographing the meadows and views from the plateau. The main attraction was the meadows round Eidergletscher where fresh flowers had bloomed. On reaching the station we decided to have lunch at the restaurant where we were joined by cheeky Choughs.   These extraordinary birds fly in an acrobatic style and certainly were used to visiting the balcony of the restaurant. The flowers were wonderful and walking down from Eidergletscher to Kleine Scheidegg was fun. Near the bottom was a point with spa style pool with bench seats and instructions of how to refresh your feet.  I had never seen such a facility before.


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  1. I love all of these. The landscapes are such gorgeous colours and the flowers so tiny in comparison to the enormity of the view. The pictures bring back lots of memories for me.