Friday, 17 June 2016

A flight and Hellenic Ferry to Alonissos

I arrived at Birmingham airport to be told I could not take my camera backpack as hand-luggage as it was too heavy and if it fell from an overhead locker it could injure a child! Why would I put it in the overhead locker and not under my seat?  It was bad enough deciding what lens to leave behind and what I could carry and then to be faced with the dilemma that they expected me to put it in the hold and that I couldn't take my pressures camera with me! It all ended well, after two managers  were consulted and it was decided I should " spread the load" and take the items out of the back-pack on the plane .....  I arrived in Skiathos and took the ferry to Alonissos.
Alonissos is the most northerly island in the group of islands known as the Sporades. It is quieter and less touristic than Skiathos, Skoplelos, and Skyros. It has Palaeolithic settlement ruins at Kokkinkastro and is a beautiful island to walk.  The scent of pines and herbs fills the air late in the day.  I had quite forgotten that lovely scent of the island.  Vineyards were introduced in the 14th Century and a wine industry has existed on the island until 1956 when the vines were destroyed by a disease. Don't worry, one can still get wine here!  Evidence of Venetian occupation can be seen in the old village architecture.  Olives are cultivated for local use and there are several herds of domestic goats. There was an earthquake in 1965, 6.5 in the Richter scale and I hope there will not be another while I am here.   In 1992 a National Marine Park was created that incorporates Alonissos, Persister, Kyra Panaghia, Gioura, Skantzoura and Piperi.



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  1. Another lovely set I particularly like colourful 'tourists leaving' pics.