Thursday, 6 November 2014

Mr. Xavier a truly skilled man.


Bespoke shoes for all sizes!

Mr. Dave Xavier has been working as a bespoke shoemaker, or Cordwainer (the word cordwainer - Corviser originates from the leather produced in Cordoba Spain) for 40 years.  Historically, there was a distinction between a cordwainer, who made luxury shoes and boots out of the finest leathers, and a cobbler, who repaired them. Dave has made a big difference to many people's lives with his knowledge and experience of Orthotics.  He told me how he had looked at one man's foot that needed a metatarsal bar inserted in his footwear.  The man had not been able to walk very well for 15 years, and had bought himself a motorised scooter to get about. Happily, once he had his new shoes he could sell the scooter, finding his new mobility on foot.  Another man had problem feet and his NHS orthotic shoes had given him painful ulcers.  His new bespoke shoes made to address his medical problem, enabled the ulcer to heel, making a huge difference to his quality of life. I had an interesting time looking at some of the lasts and shoes in the making.  However, there was another side bespoke shoes for weddings!  Quite stunning.

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