Sunday, 23 October 2016

Witley Court, Worcestershire

Witley Court was a spectacular country house. The 1st Baron Foley enlarged the property 1720 - 1733 and later, Thomas Foley VII hired the architect John Nash to design ambitious alterations.  Sadly, in 1937 the country house was destroyed by a fire.  It had staged the extravagant lifestyle of the Foley and Dudley families. Thomas Foley created his wealth as an iron master (associated with the period of the Industrial Revolution).  In the 1890's the fashionable society flocked to Witley Court, including one frequent royal visitor, the Prince of Wales and subsequently, King Edward VII. The romantic ruin is now managed by English Heritage.  Great Witley church with its Italianate Baroque interior was untouched by fire and is now the local parish church. It was a great place to visit in the Autumn but personally I think it would be spectacular in Winter after snow!



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