Saturday, 21 May 2016

Elevden Church - St. Andrew and St. Patrick

St. Andrew and St. Patrick in Eleven is a  medieval church with additions by William Douglas Caröe  (1857 - 1938).  Maharajah Duleep Singh was the last Maharajah of the Sikh Empire and is buried in the churchyard with his family his wife Bamba and son Albert.  He was exiled to England in 1849 being removed from his kingdom by the British East India Company.

The Maharajah purchased Eleven Estate in 1863 with the vision of rebuilding the country house and dressing it in an Italian Style and he redesigned the interior to reflect the style of the fine Mughal palaces that he had previously been accustomed too.

Elveden Hall and Estate played host to a wide range of sporting activities but none rivalled the Maharajah’s passion for shooting. His shooting parties were popular amongst aristocracy including Prince George, Duke of Cambridge and Queen Victoria.  During his time at Eleven, he was proclaimed the fourth best shot in England.

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