Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A dull day in London

It was a dull day to be in London looking for Fixation UK a company frequented by professional photographers with an amazing reputation and knowledge.  Canon repairs take approximately 2-3 days which is good news for me as my EF 16-35 2.8L USM lens focusing ring will not turn and there is something loose internally in the mechanics.  I followed excellent instructions of how to find this company and would never have believe such a place existed for the external appearance of the building gave no indication of what I was to discover.  I really should have photographed it. It was an Aladdin's cave and a hive of industry, nothing like any other photographic place I have been in. It rained and it was so dull but by Wednesday I should have some good news, fingers crossed!

Vauxhall Bridge

Looking down-river from Vauxhall Bridge

a Design by Eduardo Paolozzi Pimlico

 I came out of Pimlico tube station to find an elaborate ventilation tower beside the entrance.  It is designed by Eduardo Paolozzi (1924 - 2005) and one of his works from the public projects commission.  This British artist became a prominent international figure after the Second World War.  His works drew on a wide range of references from classical to pop-culture.  Although, he unsucessfully proposed a design for the gates at the British Library his figure of Newton can be seen overlooking the plaza.  I love this statue,  it is so imposing in this calm space next to Marylebone Road, near King's Cross. I love sneaking into the Plaza and spending time in the British Library, it is a great place for lunch or coffee.  I think I need to go and photograph the Newton statue! Well, maybe not such a dull day after all. 

The Royal Oak (pink)

Looking over Vauxhall Bridge from Pimlico


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  1. Colourful and interesting set of shots Jane, London is always interesting whatever the weather.